A new study reveals that videogames don’t make you sexist

A study published by National Institutes of Health, which asked can playing videogames make you sexist, has been released yesterday. The study was conducted over the period of three years. Unlike previous studies that only focused on a cross-sectional or experimental work, typically up to one month at best. This was run over the course of 36 months. The study also makes a note of similar studies done in the past being focused on violent content of video games. This new study confirmed the following:

“It was found that sexist attitudes-measured with a brief scale assessing beliefs about gender roles in society-were not related to the amount of daily video game use or preference for specific genres for both female and male players.”

Let me be the first to say:

fat-amy-rebel-wilson-quotes-5This is pretty much no different than “heavy metal is the devils music”. People will start to realize how silly people like Anita Sarkeesian is, and the people like her that still cling to the above notion won’t be taken seriously anymore. You can see that Anita has been thoroughly discredited yet again, and it shows just how one sided her arguments and research have been. To accuse developers of being misogynists because they have sexy female fan service characters or the token female character is illogical. By that same conclusion, that would mean that the developers of games such as the Wolfenstein franchises are Nazi sympathizers for featuring Nazi figures in their games.


Leigh Alexander already blatantly lied about the position she has taken. They can try to lie their way out of this, but anyone with half a brain now knows that “gaming cause’s sexism” argument is now thoroughly debunked. I mean, video games have conclusively shown to not turn perfectly normal kids into woman hating serial killers, yet you still have people that think video games can do just that… This is a minor victory for us gamers, hopefully we have more of these smaller victories in the future. We should never give up hope, never stop playing the videogames that you enjoy. And most importantly never let anyone tell you that you’re wrong for enjoying a videogame, just because they don’t approve of it.

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  4. Prof.mcstevie says:

    I suppose being from the National Institute of Health people mind bear it some credibility.

  5. rainawareness says:

    WOW, did it take them a PHD to figure that out?

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