Obsidian removes “offencive” joke from Pillars of Eternity

So here is my problem regarding issues like these. Who decides what is wrong and offensive and who gets to decide when it should be removed? There are people that think that videogames like Bayonetta and Grand Theft Auto offensive and should not be allowed to even exist. If enough people don’t like these games should we allow these people let them get rid of them and censor them? No. I would honestly suggest looking up Ricky Gervais or Stephen Fry when it comes to this kind of thing. Just because someone does not like something does not mean it should be changed to fit their views and what makes only them feel comfortable. 2429256-im_offendedThe world does not and should not work that way. Saying that just because you are transgender you speak for all of the transgender people on the planet is as stupid as saying that just cause I am white means that I speak for all of the white people in the world. I mean to me as a strait white male the joke was funny because the man who jumped off the cliff was obviously overreacting to his situation, to his ultimate detriment and death. It was like saying, “There are worse things than having sex with a man you thought was a woman.” And it seemed like you would have to go out of your way to be offended by this joke. CBtvkRkW8AEV75BI actually read it more as joking about people who are horrified they might enjoy same-sex sexuality that they would actually kill themselves over it.  It was actually making fun of homophobes, not transgender. The story here is that a radical feminist who wants to kill all men launched a rather idiotic campaign against imaginary hatred towards transgender and succeeded. But if it is okay for her to write jokes about killing men, why is it not okay for Obsidian to have a backer created joke about a man killing himself after discovering he’s had sex with another man? Now it just feels like a big morass of hand-wringing and who is more offended by something in the entertainment industry.

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  1. Prof.mcstevie says:

    It’s a joke about someone who didn’t want to bed a man, god forbid someone NOT be approving of putting their peepee in everything with a smile after.

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