Articles like these need to stop

Articles like these need to stop seriously. I can already hear the SJW brigade screaming: “Shut your god damn misogynistic, chauvinistic, woman-hating cis-mouth.” The article starts off with: “The way female characters, female developers and female gamers are treated today is wrong.” That there. That is where the writer already signified his total failure and lack of self-awareness when tackling this subject matter. The second you assume and say that you can speak for every single woman in the gaming industry is the second that you oppress them and silence their right to speak for themselves. That alone is the definition of sexism and oppression.

evolution-games-journalismI know plenty of female gamers, and none of them care about the current narrative that the SJW brigade is trying to push onto developers, gamers and the industry.  Not all women are the same. They don’t think the same, and they most definitely do not agree with this toxic feminist movement. So stop lumping every single woman who’s ever picked up a controller into the same basket, because that is stereotyping and sexist if I ever saw it. Badly written articles like these only prolonging the sexism debate instead of fixing it. People like these are dead-set on reinforcing stereotypes in this industry and silencing women who might happen to want to speak their own mind. Stop generalizing and start listening for a change.

qmqi0kSo next time when you want to write a poorly researched article like this, I suggest you actually talk to real female gamers. Not journalists. Not the supposed “cultural critics.” Actual women who are actually playing actual games this very moment. Avoid the gaming media and press, their anti-gaming/gamer sentiment is bleeding through the walls. Once you talk to your average girl gamer out on the street, you can see just how ridiculous articles like these really are. I am sorry, but articles like this are only prolonging the sexism debate instead of addressing the real issue the industry is facing. This horse is dead and beaten time to move on people.

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4 Responses to Articles like these need to stop

  1. Prophet says:

    Art is not suppose to conform to your insecurities.

  2. the_nard says:

    Well written article and I fully agree with some of the points.
    Generalizations are a problem in journalism.
    It’s an unfortunate reality of writing for an easily distracted audience.
    But to say that something is a non-issue based on the experience of a few friends, is short sighted.
    In particular you appear to ignore a more prominent issue in gender equality and that is how men (or boys) view women and, in this case, how it relates to gaming.
    Gaming will soon surpass the developmental influence of film which has a long standing etiquette of integrity.
    Games are rather free in their interpretation of many things be it violence, sex or the image of a man or women, so on and so forth.
    Millions of young minds are currently being molded based on these interpretations.
    Yes, the majority of women and girls are not even remotely concerned with gender portrayal in a simulated experience of a game and neither are males. However, they are both unknowingly developing values based on unrealistic standards that will eventually carry over to reality and ultimately cause problems.
    If you think that gender equality isn’t an issue in reality, then you need to experience more reality and less video games.
    Also, disliking a topic does not qualify as knowledgeable input on the subject. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

    • larch says:

      Seriously, this ongoing trend of bashing video games for unethical or unmoral tendencies has to stop somewhere. This kind of social bullshit doesn’t belong in videogames, it has no real basis other than bias or at the most, extreme sexism. Both genders are victims of “casual cruelty” in videogames because on average, there are at least 1000 times more men being killed in videogames than there are women, and that’s not even an exaggeration if anything, it could be an understatement…Why is it that casual violence against woman in videogames has now all of a sudden become a problem? Why is no one losing their shit over the fact that men are disproportionately more likely to be victims in videogames than women?

      Is it because we have gotten so used to men basically being cannon fodder in 99.9% of videogames we play for the past 20 years? I really don’t get why people are suddenly outraged about women being victims in videogames a lot more now. In the remake of Tomb Raider you slaughtered hundreds of men, without even blinking an eye, but everyone loses their minds when Assassin’s Creed rather historically accurately omits female soldiers from the French Revolution. Which is one of many historical settings where women were not allowed to take up arms or fight in the army. And gamers despite playing and enjoying these horribly filthy and objectifying games manage to go on and treat each other with love and respect in real life.

      Women want equality but the true definition of that means being willing to accept the possibility of all the types of situations that happen to men, not just the ones they want to deal with. Instead of turning this discussion into another train smash, how about we fight it as a unisex problem? Men also get similar if not same treatments in a lot of works of fiction and even in real life situation, so why causally ignore that and not look at the bigger picture? Violence against women is a problem, but not allowing it to be accurately portrait in videogames would set back the gaming industry many years. As long as violence against women happens in real life, it needs to be presented in all forms of media including videogames. Showing violence against women is not only about reflecting the reality of any given situation, but also realistically reflecting human behaviour. Just casually sweeping it under the carpet, would be misleading and ruin any credibility of a story. Not to mention being a great injustice to those who have had violence perpetrated against them. I do believe that it would be good if games handled the topic better, but I also believe articles like this harm a healthy discourse in the discussion.

      And why cannot we sexualize female enemies? Isn’t a woman’s greatest weapon her sexuality? Isn’t that why they make great spies in real life? Isn’t that the one thing she can pretty much use on any man with almost 100% success? So why if it applies to real life then why should it be any different in videogames? There is no denying that sexuality can be powerful, we just have to look to other entertainment forms movies like James Bond for example, and to see that using one’s sexuality as a weapon can be a powerful tool in the hands of a protagonist. So I ask again why not be allowed to use it in videogames?

      I am very critical of my chosen hobby. But attempting to belittle videogames and the industry who work so hard to make it a success is not how you do it. I don’t think anyone wants there to be less women or poorly represented women in games or any other media for that matter. But just because you are offended by something, does not automatically make it offensive to others. Also people like you have not engaged with anyone, you choose to not interact with the majority of us and rather opted for the minority.

  3. rainawareness says:

    Don’t read those articles. Problem solved

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