This is why we cant have nice things…

I hate to be the one to point this out, but some woman do have big breasts. And as evidenced by the sheer number of pictures shared on Twitter under the tag “#NationalCleavageDay,” there’s a lot of women who are proud of what was given to them. And enjoying a picture of a woman with big breasts does not mean I think any less of my wife or any other woman on the street, or that that I want to go out and pillage and rape. It just means I am a hot blooded male with a sense of humor and got reference behind the picture that Lionhead Studio’s posted.

LionheadAnd honestly this is what happens when several major gaming sites try to boost their declining readership number with cheap click-bait articles that see sexism in just about every thinkable portrayal of women. It creates a hyper-sensitive hugbox of people that will start hyperventilating and throwing hissy fits left and right as soon as something that doesn’t fit into their narrow, sociopolitical ideals. The fact that Lionhead Studios caved in to these people is very disappointing indeed, and set’s a new negative president for the gaming industry when a small minority can tell the industry what to do.

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