And my life is complete! X-Files makes a return

I_want_to_believe_wallpaper_by_PencilshadeAnd my life is now complete! Dear Chris Carter, please pay attention. This will work only if the mythology is continued in the series. The first X-Files movie was amazeballs, and I thought it fitted in perfectly with the rest of the series, most fans would agree that the second movie was godawful and should be wiped from existence. I have watched all of the episodes more times than I care to remember, and continue to be a big fan of the series. Please Fox do not screw this up for us long-time fans, we have been waiting for this for a very long time.

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  1. Sahar says:

    The second movie wasn’t bad–it was just super disappointing because after 6 years, we were hoping for some sort of closure on the whole alien invasion thing :P From what Chris Carter said to the Telegraph, it looks like at least some of the 6 episodes are going to be Monster of the Week style stuff though…

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