Today is a sad day for comic book fans…

So it seem they have won, the DC variant covers celebrating 75 years of The Joker and The Killing Joke have now been canceled. I find it strange that the Social Justice Warriors criteria for something being misogynistic is merely having something bad happen to a female character, and that they can’t really distinguish between depicting something and celebrating it. In a world where gender violence is so prevalent, I don’t understand why they don’t want fiction be it comics or videogames to ever address it. It seems like denialism to me. I don’t understand why a character being raped all of a sudden invalidates them?

If anything, it would be inspiring for anyone else who has gone through the same traumatic experience to view a character who has been victimize to pull through and overcome the adversity. Many people can identify with a character who has struggled through the same ordeals. What annoys me even more is that these Social Justice Warriors seem to be revelling in negativity instead of turning it into a positive, just like Barbara did when she became Oracle one of the most important members of the Batman family. Which says a lot about her character and story. Barbara Gordon has never been a victim until these people that want to change the cover made her one.

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