Everything is mysoginistic, racist and xenophobic now…

BG-Cv41-Joker-variant-solicitation-68d7fPersonally I love the cover, it is extremely striking. And it is and it is meant to be horrific, we are dealing with The Joker here after all. That is why you get someone like Albuquerque to do a cover like this. It is the joker torturing someone in the bat family, like he always does. Stop making this a gender issue, I am also pretty sure I would have the very same expression if the Joker was behind me. What’s the point of having any female superhero if you can’t go into this type of territory with their stories? It just seems very limiting to me and not really promoting gender equality. This entire debate is so disingenuous.

Basically the people complaining about the cover discount the times when Batman and Robin were put in similar situations. Are they lesser because they are male instead of female? Does having to raise an illegitimate son, from being drug rape not carry as much weight as what is happening on the Batgirl cover? Is the constant reminder of the rape (Damien), and how Talia basically forced Bruce Wayne to raise him, not focusing on Bruce as the victim? So we’ll make some sort of index of the assaults comics’ book heroes have suffered and then see which one has the biggest tally? If it’s the woman then comics are done and the Social Justice Warriors win. If it’s the guys then they will move on to a different goal post.

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3 Responses to Everything is mysoginistic, racist and xenophobic now…

  1. chemire says:

    It’s a stage on the road to true cultural consciousness and equality, that’s all. From being unaware people move into a phase of hypersensitivity in which they know there is a problem but have yet to learn how to accurately identify it, instead overreacting to anything that seems similar.

    • larch says:

      Problem is by the time the reach that consciousness the damage might have already been done.

      • chemire says:

        True. But I remain hopeful that we can recover from the damage we do to ourselves. It’s sort of like my cat, to use a weird metaphor… he’s got a wound he won’t stop scratching and it’s gotten infected. If we can just get the plastic cone of reason on our heads the wound will heal. Of course, some of us will waste a lot of time trying to pry off the cone. But the nice thing about those plastic cones is they don’t come off easily once you finally get them on. (Forgive me!)

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