Oh VG247 you never learn do you? Apparently accountability is not part of the editorial staff vocabulary over at VG247. Seems the ignorance and the downright arrogance has gone to VG247 head, especially that of Pat Garratt the publisher of VG247 and author of the article about this petition. I love how Pat keeps using the word bigot, with no idea how it applies to him as well by judging the entirety of #Gamergate and his entire audience painting them with the same brush. He has all the clarification skills of a corrupt politician:  “I’m not stating it explicitly but… you know.” People like Pat and his poisonous click-bait inducing gaming press ilk tries its hardest to paint us all in a bad light. The irony being we are the ones putting food in their mouths.

Pat you have failed in your responsibilities as spokesperson for this industry and for VG247. If you are unwilling to admit this and allow Mark to publish a rebuttal to your terrible article on VG247 you should step aside and let someone else take over. Because clearly you are no longer fit for the job. And frankly we are all getting sick of this, and it has dragged on for far longer than it should have. And it is going take more powerful voices like Mark’s to put people like Pat and his poisonous click-bait inducing gaming press ilk in their place. And I believe with the help from people like Mark and the gaming community we can stop these people dead in their tracks.

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