GamerGate’s “archvillain” is really a troll

So it turns out the most sensationalist and worst “GamerGate threat” was actually a hoax all along and the entire social justice warrior used it to prove just how “evil” we gamer’s really are. No one took him seriously, not anyone with half a brain anyway. He was always a community joke, and it has been known for a very long time that he is a troll. They irony in all of this, is that the media will never admit that they were wrong. And just by doing a bit of research instead of writing articles for the sake of click bait articles, they would have immediately picked up on the fact that Jace Connors was one big internet troll. But instead the media will just double down on their narrative and paint all gamers as misogynist woman haters.

Anatomy-of-an-Internet-troll-600x406They are blaming Gamergate for harassing someone based on the testimony of a guy with a six year history of making up shit online and trolling people. The fact that the media and the social justice warriors missed this defies the imagination. I am cautiously optimistic that other media outlets will pick up on this story and cover it better. A good media grilling of a third party troll would make good strides toward improving Gamergate’s image. People need to know that stuff like this is the rule, not the exception. And that people like Jace Connors do not speak or act for those who support Gamergate in a positive manner. And what does Briaana Wu have to say about all of this? “I can’t stress this enough: the wider point here is the gamification of the harassment of women.” Opportunity and point missed completely…

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