Apparently real men follow Jesus

As I was driving home from my new job a couple of days ago, I inevitably got stuck in highway traffic as I always do. And it just so happens I got stuck behind a car that had a sticker on it that read:”Real Men Follow Jesus” And while staring at this bumper sticker I came to the realization what a bold statement it really is not to mentioned how it is “announced” to the general public through said bumper sticker. How does proclaiming your personal delusion on the back of your car make you or your God any happier?

b christ

No need for me to point out that the statement that is displayed on the sticker, is selfish self-gratification at its core. Real men should not need to assert that they are indeed “Real Men”, adding your magical and invisible friends to the mix surely only showcases your delusional and overall insecure point of view. Message like these are a clear example of the ignorant, arrogant, thoughtless and confrontation provoking entitled attitude that the deluded so regularly parades around the public eye. An insult wrapped in a delusion wrapped in a proclamation of superiority…

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