Brianna Wu Pulls Out Of Pax

It is only a matter of time before “professional victims” like Brianna Wu won’t be able to make a living in the gaming industry any-more. As gamers and the industry itself are becoming more aware of the cry wolf tactics being employed by these people. How many more times can one person cry wolf before someone starts noticing the pattern? I actually defended her at one point for being harassed on-line. But it seems she now parades the harassment she’s received around like they are badges of honour. And in the process has become an unbalanced narcissist looking for whatever attention she can find by using GamerGate threats as an excuse as shown below.

Gamergate did not threaten to Sarin gas PAX...

Gamergate did not threaten to Sarin gas PAX…

And just for the record, people not liking Wu based on her conduct does not mean they hate all women. It means they hate Wu. Hating someone for abusing the system and being dishonest does not make me a misogynist. What worries me even more than the actual lies and false claims is her trying to hire amateur security, because having a narcissist control a bunch of amateur security guards will always end well. And I can safely say this will make headline news next week, and everyone who is white has a dick plays games and supports GamerGate will be painted with the same brush. And sadly this won’t be the first time or the last time this will happen, not until people start to wake the fuck up.

I blame the gaming press in general for enabling her and giving her a soap box to stand on. If the gaming press was functional on any level beside cronyism, we would have had people in the media calling her out on her bullshit. Unfortunately, no major gaming news site or publications will even acknowledge that there are plenty of level headed and nice gamers who side with GamerGate. It makes for better click-bait to focus on the negative rather than trying to shed more light on the positive. Wu does not care about women in the industry, she cares about as much as the Westboro cares about gay people.

B-RvErKCMAAW4iOAnd curiously, we never hear about Brianna Wu for anything else other than death threats. Not wanting to take away the gravity of death threats she received in the past. But having said that his is more about Wu making the topic about her, not about women’s issues, not about gaming, but her. The gaming community and gamers in general should not reward her histrionics. We should just completely ignore her from now on and take anything she says with a pinch of salt. But what has become clear though. Is that by hiring amateur security and tweeting (then deleting) some outlandish accusations and comments, she trying to provoke violence in some form or manner so that she can control the narrative. 

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