VG24/7: Videogame journalism not accountable for current mess industry finds itself in. Really?!

Oh here we go again VG24/7 spewing more rubbish, what a joke of an article!  VG24/7, you are one of the last sites I visit on a regular basis. Please stop drinking the koolaid. I liked you….because you are one of the dew publications that are still focused on games for everyone. You have appealed and reported fairly on all topics of games till now that is. But lately I have seen some of its contributors taking the easy way out and just making up bullshit opinion pieces for a few extra clicks.  I really don’t want to see this site turn into another Gawker or Polygon and support those who insulted and bullied the very people they once defended.

I have been a gamer for well over 20 years now and I really don’t see the need for videogame journalism anymore. I think the minute money comes into play, there’s too much risk of influence for me to take anyone who claims to be videogame journalism seriously these days. You have written an article as both the judge and the jury and proclaimed yourself not guilty. You have now “washed your hands” and absolve yourselves from the same misreporting you are now showing in this very same article. You are now deflecting criticism without wondering why these criticisms exist in the first place. The videogame journalists are the one who caused this rift in the gaming community.

2013-10-28-hyperboleIf you went the ethical and honest route and disclosed your relationships with certain groups then GamersGate would have never happened. But you knew you have been caught with your hands in the cookie jar, and instead of apologizing and starting over you shifted the blame from yourself and attacked your audience and guess what the audience had enough of this bullshit. Videogame journalists are supposed to be the mediator between the community and the developers. You took a firm biased stance against GamersGate the second you saw the opportunity and you ran with it. It is always one sided reporting, which shows you’re biased against your own community.

hyperbole-and-a-half-depression-psaYou continuously use loaded, hyperbolic terms like dangerous, and violent when describing your own community. Take the Law and Order episode for example, it features men in masks stripping and beating a girl purely because they don’t like women in gaming, and you the media seem to believe that this is a perfectly valid representation of (your) reality. It is not. Videogame journalism and its hyperbole and utterly skewed perspective of reality is the biggest problem here. I ask you, as a regular reader and supporter. We need good Videogame journalism to take up the helm. We need you more than ever to report on the facts without having a biased viewpoints of their own community.

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