Apparently GamersGate are psychopaths…

And yet again Gawker writes another “brilliant” and I am using the term extremely generously here mind you article about how everyone in GamersGate are a bunch of psychopaths. The fact that they have the audacity to lump an entire community into what these “neck beard extremists” like “Jace Connors” are saying on-line is ridiculous.


Glad to see every is so accepting of gamers…

Yes people like”Jace Connors” is a problem, and needs to be addressed, real or not, but do not paint everyone with the same brush, or throw blanket statements around. And even though the SJW brigade is desperately trying to nerd shame us, someone with half a brain would know this is fake.

There is even a fairly exhaustive wiki about this “Jace Connors” character which includes a pretty definitive debunking of what he does, which is trolling.  But I guess this is just another article trying to shame GamerGate and those who supports positive change in the gaming community without the threats and doxing of people like Brianna Wu.

hyduyd8ocwjioajhoetzPlenty of games has major characters portrayed by women who are strong, not defined by gender roles, and not oversexualized. Women’s perspective in the videogame industry will grow despite the SJW and GamersGate circus. My believe as a gamer is that games are for everyone and should include everyone, but forcing that believe will only cause resentment and not transformation.

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