Supporting GamerGate does not make me a bully

Supporting GamerGate does not make you a bully. It does not make you a misogynist mouth breathing neck beard. Supporting GamerGate does not make you a loser, a frustrated male or a racist. Wanting the gaming industry and the gaming press to be more transparent and more accountable does not make you an awful person. Because, let’s face it, the gaming industry does need to grow up. First off, almost all GamersGate supporters like myself are heavily against harassment and especially against threats. Secondly, the actions of a VERY few, probably less than a dozen, psychopaths that take things to far, do not represent the entire group. Entryism is an old tactic and needs to be called out for what it is.


And it is happening right now with social justice warriors who are now relabeling all gamers as being by default misogynist/racist/homophobic white males. This way when anyone uses the word “gamer” they will then be corrected to make that person jump so the social justice warriors can control the narrative. It is just a ploy to put them as the judge and jury, a position they never should be allowed to have. They in no way have a right to judge anyone and make blanket statements. Honestly, your average gamer like myself does not care if you are a “male/female gamer” or a “male/female developer”. Make good games, and we will love you for it. Play the games and don’t demand them to change to fit your own narrative and we will get along just fine.

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