Zoë Quinn has launched a support network to fight GamerGate harassment

The problem with a website/service like this is it going to be used to actually help people deal with on-line harassment? Or is it going to be used against you if you bring up valid criticism of people like Zoë Quinn. Bear in mind this is an initiative started by a person who: Influenced the censorship and banning of several users on steam for saying bad things about her depression quest game. She was responsible for shutting down the fine young capitalists group and manipulated judges in a court battle to make sure you won the court case, amongst other things. Now don’t get me wrong she does not deserved death and rape threats she received for her opinion, however wrong she might be. 

db0b8ce0-80bf-0132-43ca-0ebc4eccb42fHaving said that, things like internet death threats must be taken in perspective. The likelihood of actual harm coming your way from some neck-beard mouth breeding troll hiding behind a keyboard, who has never been in a physical confrontation other than a playground fight is almost zero. I still support the GamerGate movement. I am sick of having women who don’t even play video games complaining and misrepresenting my hobby, implying I am a sexist and insulting me. I am sick of websites lacking journalistic integrity, posting reviews up that are bought and paid for by the publisher. I am sick of being lied to by the games industry. And I’m sick of being told I should feel ashamed for being a male gamer.

tumblr_n168fg5qoA1rdwac3o2_1280The media portrays her as a victim of misogyny. The media also accepts her version as the “facts” and the original story as “lies”, so I am assuming once this hits the main stream media it will blow up and she will be portrayed as the saviour of all those who get victimized on the internet. Racists, sexists, whoever. No matter what a person’s opinions are, or how offensive it may be, harassment is never the solution to a problem. It is in everyone’s best interests to stop the harassment from both sides, because only then will we be able to have rational discussion and address the core issues that both sides have, and actually find a solution to all these issues without throwing shit at each other.

Warriors UniteSo at the core I think this is a great idea and will take the industry forward. But what I do not support is the fact that is/was started by someone who has been made guilty of the very same thing they are now trying to prevent. What will stop her and the SJW brigade that follows her from abusing this system? Knowing full well that she has abused the system in the past to silence criticism against her? This sets an extremely dangerous president, because there will be no one policing the “police” so to speak, leaving the system free to abuse anyone who might feel threatened because someone did not agree with their opinion.

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