A quick lesson in freedom of speech


You are free to do anything you want. But with that freedom comes consequences. Freedom is not whether or not one can do something, but it is the right for you to choose to do whatever you want. But the moment your free choice affects and destroys the ability of others to choose, then your own right to choose is forfeit. These drawings weren’t even made to mock Islam. They were the representation of a bigger social issue we face in society today. Drawings that criticize any idea does not violate the rights of anybody. And by forcing your beliefs on others then you are taking away their freedom. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is allowed to believe whatever they want, but no one should expect that everybody agrees with them in said belief.

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    • larch says:

      Thank’s I try and avoid politics. But I think it needed to be said, we live in a world that has become far to politically correct and we are unfortunately paying for it now.

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