Anonymous and #OpCharlieHebdo

For those saying that Anonymous can’t do anything that they are a bunch of basements kids following a trend, and that they are purely doing this for attention. Lets remind ourselves of a harsh truth here. We sit idle within the safety of our air-conditioned homes, while they are at the least aiming to do something more I can say for people like you and me. The depressing truth is that the choice to do nothing or in fact our inability to act is what allows evil that killed Charlie Hebdo spread. So we have no grounds to criticize those that stand against the injustice we currently face, no matter how small their effort might be.

With Anonymous recent attack on a terrorist website I have seen many people take the opportunity to strike at the group’s lack of effectiveness when it comes to taking down websites. I have seen people say: “It is only an hour” like that is all that has been accomplished. But don’t these criminal scum use these websites to repatriate new people to perform acts of terrorism? So even a single hour of inconvenience for these animals who would strike against our rights to freedom of speech is a victory for us common folks in the street. Destroy their communication networks, leave no stone unturned, and allow them to feel vulnerable to their own atrocities. The keyboard is mightier than the sword.

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