How to troll videogame pirates

Ah fuckit, I told you guys I would not posting anything before the 5th again as I was taking a break from blogging but screw that. After reading this it made my day, for those who haven’t played The Talos Principle. It is a third person puzzle adventure game with a amazing art style. You make your way through a series of areas, solving intricately designed puzzles, before moving on to solve the next one. At some point in the game, you will reach an elevator that will take you to the next level. Unless you are playing a pirated copy of the game. If you are playing a pirated copy of The Talos Principle, however, will find that the elevator does not move but instead stops dead in its track between floors.

NuXinxKIt seems that the first person to stumble in to Croteam’s anti-piracy measures for their latest game The Talos Principle has surfaced today. Why would you even post that on the Steam message board with your open account that obviously does not have the game in your library? I have never understood how people can have the audacity to pirate a game and then ask for help on a forum where developers post. I love hearing about stories like this, but never understood how they worked. How does the game know if your version is pirated? Either way, I think this is excellent. Because they get called out for in front of everyone as pirates.

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  1. That is actually brilliant.

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