Kim Dotcom misguided attempt at helping gamers


While I applaud his attempts at getting Xbox Live and PSN back up and running during Christmas, this type of thing could set a new president for hacking groups like Lizard Squad. Just imagine if we did the same for terrorists, thieves and rapists. We give them something that they might like, to stop them from doing bad things. It’s not like doing something nasty and then getting something good for it is going to give them any funny ideas.


After we all know that when you give up your lunch to a bully at school, they never ever bothered you again or did anything nasty to you after taking your money from you. Wait a minute, this sound awfully familiar. Like the Mafia doesn’t it? You pay them protection money and they don’t break your kneecaps. Great idea! What is better for a criminal than putting all their skills and resources to use and get a big pay off at the end of it. Then threatening to do that, and then not having to and still getting what they want.

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