Thank you Lizard Squad

Did I miss something regarding the Lizard Squad statement regarding the Sony and Microsoft hacks? I am sure that kids around the world that wanted to play games on his/her system that needed that update or play their game on Christmas day appreciated your bravery and rebellious efforts against the “evil forces” of Sony & Microsoft. But instead you went and fucked with people’s kids during the holiday season, a season that kids look forward to playing and enjoying the gifts they have received.  Fact is, even when in their defence Lizard Squad claim to be doing it to highlight corporate inadequacy and greed. They are still wrong. Sony and Microsoft are not the ones affected by these outages. They get the respective services back up and it is business as usual for them. It is the customers who are directly affected by these outages.

Lizard Squad TweetThey did nothing wrong, and should not be caught in the crossfire, between two large companies and a hacking group trying to inflate their own fragile ego’s. Based on their statements, it’s also pretty clear that this was motivated by a false sense of superiority. The base of this attack is grounded in arrogance and a complete lack of empathy. You don’t punish the consumer for supporting the company, you punish the company. And anyone with half a brain can tell you that breaking into someone’s car and while driving away and yell: “It is your fault that you don’t have a better security system” doesn’t suddenly mean you’re not a car stealing ass-hole. They would not need that security in the first place if not for you. I hope all members of this so called anonymous Lizard Squad get their jail time, and subsequently get banned from ever using a computer again.

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