My love hate relationship with Destiny

Some of you would have noticed the lack of regular updates on the blog the last couple of months, I entirely place the blame on Destiny. Since getting it a couple of month’s back it has literally been eating all of my free time, I am currently working on two characters a level 31 Warlock and a level 30 Titan. I also had a level 30 Hunter, but I decided to delete him as he was the weakest of the three characters in my opinion and I just did not have enough time to spend it on levelling all three of them at the same time. It has been a very long time since I invested so much time and effort into a game like Destiny. I can already hear all the Destiny haters screaming “But how can you enjoy such a flawed game?” I think it is one of the reasons I enjoy it so much, the flaws and unpredictability of it all, not to mention the social aspect of it all. In the 4 month I have been playing it I have met people from all over the world.  From England to Germany and even Europe. My Xbox friends list has also doubled in size since I started playing the game.

Destiny-Bungie-setzt-der-Loot-Cave-ein-Denkmal-meme-5I have had some of my best, worst and downright strange online experiences while playing co-op and doing raids with fellow Destiny players. And for all the flack that Bungi has been receiving for Destiny, they have made some massive improvements using the feedback they received from the fans. I have already invested money in the first expansion: “The Dark Below” and I am looking forward to playing all the future DLC that will get released for it. And as far as I am concerned the game has paid itself back 3 times over already in the form of entertainment I have been getting out of it the last couple of months. So if there is any Xbox 360 Destiny players out there give me a shout and add me on Xbox Live just search for larch ZA, then we can hook up do the daily/weekly strikes or even attempt the Vault of Glass or End of Crota raids. See you in Destiny guardians.

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  1. Prof.mcstevie says:

    Well you DO choose to invite Destiny into your home, it wasn’t dropped from the heavens into your lap~

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