Here we go again…

Christ. Almighty. Look it is a horse! Let’s beat it! Six month later: “I don’t care if it is dead, let’s continue beating it.” Get over Manara already, yes we know Manara drew a sexy Spider-Woman and people were shocked but I think it is time to let it go now already. After beating the horse to death the social justice warriors decided to dress up Manara’s art with the new outfit that was revealed for Spider-Woman recently. The image below shows the end result.

New-Spider-Woman-600x825Seriously I am over this Spider-Woman cover controversy. It was blown into a way bigger deal than it needed to be. Is io9 and Bleeding Cool fully assimilated into Gawker’s click-bait repetitive/beat to death editorial guidelines? No one cares, but for those who still not get it watch this video (again) before jumping on your moral high horses.

I am done, this is more stupidity than I can handle in one day and that is saying a lot…


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