Sony, Theaters Pull North-Korean Comedy ‘The Interview’

And today freedom was lost to the world. Today we just told the terrorists that yes, we can be bullied into submission. We let the world know that yes, we are afraid of terrorists. We let the world know that yes, we can be silenced when they threaten us, even when that threat is possibly fake. And it does not at this point matter if the movie was actually going to be good or not. Movies lampooning Hitler before and during World War 2 were pretty prolific. 

kim-jong-un-memes-9We cracked jokes about Saddam Hussein. And we did all kinds of jokes on Bin Laden. But a fat Korean dictator who is out of touch with reality? Oh no, basically some North Korean kids at their computers scared us into submission. I don’t think anyone realize what a precedent this sets for the future. If this happened to a production company in America what is next? Banks, Water, Electricity and Food what’s next? Anyone can now hack an institution and then back up their claims with a 9/11 attack… 

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