Can Destructive Creations game please die already?

For those people still living under a rock or just came out of their nuclear shelter, and don’t know the controversy surrounding the game click here. First it was removed from Steam Greenlight then it got put back again, and just for the record. Valve pulling the game has absolutely nothing to do with freedom speech, freedom of speech is a political term originated in a political context. It means the right of individuals to communicate whatever they want free from physical force by the state, so long as they are not uttering explicit threats against others. Freedom of speech therefore does not apply in the sense of freedom from other’s use of their property, such as on Steams platform

Want some child murder with your DLC ?

Want some child murder with your DLC ?

Having this game published will give videogame opposer’s the ammunition they need when they want to completely ban videogames. This means that they can point the finger at this one game and use it as a barometer to describe the entire industry. If you play video games, you play this game. If you play this game, you are going to shoot up a school. Even if it does not sound logical it will happen I can guarantee it. There is nothing creative or interesting about the game. Murder simulator, exactly what I wanted… Fuck this game and the company that makes it. I honestly hope it fucken bombs out and gets terrible reviews .

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4 Responses to Can Destructive Creations game please die already?

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  2. Prof.mcstevie says:

    By ignoring it and pointing to it as the kind of thing most of us don’t enjoy, it will actually be better ammunition for gamers to defend their hobby. Gaming is becoming far too widespread to be any sort of subset of people, assholes and saints alike play video games now.

    • larch says:

      Agreed, I hope the review scores for it are absolutely terrible and it get’s run into the ground.

      • Prof.mcstevie says:

        There will be an audience for everything, for good reasons and for bad. We just have to continue to push forward an honest representation of those who come to gaming.

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