Another GTA 5 storm in a teacup

I wish I could say I’m surprised, but this is Polygon we are talking about. With the release of the remake of GTA 5 on next gen consoles the prostitution controversy has once again reared its head on the internet. No Polygon, Rockstar must not address anything. GTA is a video game. That means that the characters are fictional. They are not real people. Their lives do not have any impact on the real world, people do not treat real people any differently because of GTA. Contrary to what everyone at Polygon, and all the Social Justice Warriors of the world think, people don’t actually typically identify themselves with the characters they play in a game. Yes, that even includes games where they can create the character to represent themselves. 

302607ca37350c7e9b7203d655b527c1d5e7cb2cDisassociation is a skills 99.9% of humans possess, unless they are a Social Justice Warrior who suffers from a form of dementia that don’t allow them to distinguish fiction from reality. And that’s the problem with the Social Justice Warriors. They think everyone should hate what they hate and if you don’t, it turns into one massive whinge and whine fest. Your opinion on a product you obviously have never liked, and continue to not like has no validity. What reason would anyone have to listen to a person who continues to buy products they hate? What reason would anyone have to listen to a person who continues to buy products they hate?

gta5-selfie-edition-3_o_2258569Freedom of choice and freedom of expression come to mind when I see tripe articles like this. You have freedom of choice to choose to pick up the game or walk on by, so why buy and play it when you know it will offend you? Rockstar has the creative freedom of expression to do whatever they like with their money and to make whatever game they like. The world is full of too much political correctness. People need to man up or put up. Meanwhile, the Social Justice Warriors can stew in their own insidious filth, and deal with the fact that not every form of media can be bent to their opinions and will regarding the videogame industry.

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3 Responses to Another GTA 5 storm in a teacup

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  2. Prof.mcstevie says:

    Fine, no more prostitutes, no more guns, hell no more criminals. All humans beings are treated with hugs and kisses, no one gets abused or hurt JUST like real life, now your kids can play a game that just LIES to them rather than shows them the adult world in an adult rated game!

  3. Driver says:

    Not only do people not have the choice to not buy the game if they dislike the content, they can also choose to simply not hurt women (or more specifically, prostitutes for some fucking reason) in the game. Which if you think about it is kind of hilarious – “please don’t allow me to buy this game or else I might be unable to control myself and hurt a woman!”. Of course they don’t give a shit about the countless men you mow down, but as soon as you can shoot a prostitute we’re supposed to care.

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