Can we stop bitching about Destiny now?

I have been playing Destiny nonstop since its release and I have to say I am enjoying the hell out of it even though I still need to buy the season pass to be able to play The Dark Below. On my way to reaching level 30 in the game I made many new friends, and enjoyed many late night hours doing Vault of Glass raids sometimes winning and sometimes failing miserably. But enjoying it none the less. But I think something needs to be said, I understand people want Destiny to be improved, but we all need to take a chill pill and give Bungi the time needed to pull it off with the quality we’re all expecting. Because after all it is a work in progress.

im-not-sure-nob5uyPeople seem to think that changes can be implemented overnight when it comes to an online game like Destiny. Usually, this isn’t the case. Some things can be done fairly quickly, but most of the time it can take a long time to change something. Between the time to implement the code in the game world, the time to test and make sure it doesn’t impact anything else negatively and finally the time to plan the deployment, it can take time. Rushing changes can have unintended consequences in the game world, as we have seen with the serious lackluster performance of the mythoclast in PvE. They saw a problem with it in PvP, reacted to it and corrected it.

tumblr_nc8unhjw2a1rxct6do1_500I understand people want this game to become better than it is, but we all need to take a chill pill and give them the time needed to pull it off with the quality we’re all expecting. And these type of things do not happen overnight. Honestly Bungie has been taking player feedback more than any other game I can think of. Isn’t it kind of ridiculous that they made a huge change to their loot system within weeks of people complaining. Sure not all the changes are for the better but we should give them credit for actually caring about player feedback. They could have just dropped the game and left it as is, now if you will excuse me I will go attempt the Vault of Glass Raid again.

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10 Responses to Can we stop bitching about Destiny now?

  1. I’m in the same boat, been playing for a few weeks now and have loved every bit of it so far. I haven’t been sucked into a game like this in a long time.

  2. garreto10 says:

    i couldn’t agree more. I think Bungie did a fantastic job on this game right from the beginning. I enjoyed the story even though i felt the ending was lacking, the online is a lot of fun and i haven’t had to many un-matched games. I feel that its strongest area is Strike Missions and the Raids. I met so many awesome gamers doing these events even without matchmaking for the Raid. The community for this game is simply sublime. Overall i too am sick of all the hate this game gets. I look forward to participating in the new DLC and i very much liked reading your ideas on the matter.

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