Some people are dumb and stupid and should not have keyboards

med_tekken-7-lucky-chloe-2Seems some people will find anything to bitch and complain about, in this case the introduction of a new female character in Tekken 7. The whole thing is absolutely ridiculous. I don’t understand why people care so much about the way a character looks. No one even really knows how good or bad she is, or how fun or bad she is to play with. Tekken is over the top, for fuck sake. Fucking idiot entitled gamers out there ruining it for the rest of us. Not only are their arguments invalid due to fucking nature of some of the characters in the game which includes: Dinosaurs, Devils, Pandas, and Robots. But Katsuhiro Harada’s commentary on Western game tastes and aesthetics is spot on. Bald muscle bound space marine with military background, coming to Tekken 7 exclusive for the western regions. lol!

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  1. Prof.mcstevie says:

    Tekken in recent iterations has certainly become more and more accepting of silly “Japanese” characters and plots, I guess some people really dislike how they are just going to a stereotype for this character.

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