Jezebel once again creating outrage for the sake of outrage

4665_1410397814Once again it seems that one of Gawkers websites (Jezebel) and Julianne Escobedo Shepherd  is scraping the bottom of the barrel, so judging by the latest piece of click bait journalism it must be a slow news day for both Julianne and Jezebel. So according to “journalist” Julianne Escobedo and see how I use the word “journalist” very loosely when it comes to badly written click bait articles. Which was written for the sole purpose of creating outrage for the sake of outrage. According to Julianne Dave Grohl’s latest documentary project “Sonic Highways”, is systematically erasing woman’s influence from the music industry. Really?! So for the record Julianne let’s get a few things strait here.

Firstly Sonic Highways is a documentary about the music and the musicians that influenced the Foo Fighters and its band members. So in creating the said documentary it is David Grohl’s prerogative to do as he pleases, not please people like yourself with what he does. The entire series is about him discussing the bands that he likes and that influenced his music. Meanwhile people like yourself can’t smell their own hypocritical bullshit that they like to throw around ever so often while on their moral high horse. Christ I am getting tired of this entire outrage for outrage sake articles that has infected the internet of late. Gawker is especially guilty of this.

So if David Grohl’s attempt is to systematically erase woman’s influence from rock/alternative then why did woman headline when Nirvana performed at their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction earlier this year? The honour of filling in for Kurt’s vocals went to four woman: Lorde, Kim Gordon, St. Vincent and Joan Jett. Who did a fucken amazing job covering the songs and in the process killed it. Surely he had to have some input in choosing who would be part of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame performance? Nobody had a reasonable expectation that this would be about anything other than Dave Grohl’s perspective on music, if you were expecting something else then the fault is your own. 

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