Can we get over the black Stormtrooper please?

The discussion board for the new Star Wars on IMDb (the web’s most prominent movie news and information site) lit up immediately following the teaser’s release and continues to be saturated with, literally, hundreds upon hundreds of disgustingly racist comments about Boyega who plays the role of a black Stormtrooper in the new movie. Twitter, as well, and I have seen rabid discussion about the issue on over a dozen other movie related websites. Seriously as much as society and technology have advance in the last century, we still have no cure for stupid. I love how Boyega basically told them to STFU. More actors in the sci-fi/fantasy genre need to start telling these rabid fanboys to calm down.

ibugbtyodslevvd6kikuIt always amazed by people who are eager and willing to accept entire other species as our comrades, friends and lovers in science fiction. Yet when a member of our race who has a different melanin quantity pops up, people start losing their shit. Having said that people need to be mentally impaired to complain about it. The original Stormtroopers were clones of a non-white as mentioned many times before. The Empire’s Stormtroopers could have been anybody, it has also been established that they are no longer a clone army, the Empire was recruiting as well to build their armies faster. As the cloning process could not keep up with the demand.

239ED25800000578-2855363-image-1_1417390062152 I’m glad certain people have a problem with a black Stormtrooper, because it gives me the opportunity to tell you the following:  “We don’t want your money, please stay home. This film is for everyone else. And if the idea of a black Stormtrooper still offends you. Then there is a very easy remedy to prevent you from ever having to deal with the horror of a black Stormtrooper ever again. Remove yourself from society and don’t go watch the movie. I love Star Wars, but why does it really matter? And who gives a rat’s ass if a character is black, white, red, purple, green with blue stripes?  As long as he plays his role well I don’t care what colour he is.

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4 Responses to Can we get over the black Stormtrooper please?

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  2. Prophet says:

    but troopers are clones and the original was white :D

    • larch says:

      “Actually they are never cloned. There are a couple of reasons why people could still believe that Stormtroopers are clones:

      1. The Clone Troopers in Episodes II and III had armor that was a precursor to the Stormtrooper design we saw in the Original Trilogy.

      2. During the production of Revenge of the Sith, Lucas made an off-hand comment that some of the Stormtroopers could be clones. His idea was that if you were a rich member of the Empire and didn’t want to send their kid off to war, they’d just clone him and make him a Stormtrooper. That idea never became canon.

      The actual canon of Star Wars establishes that Stormtroopers are NOT clones.

      By the time of Star Wars: Rebels, the clones from the Clone Wars would be pushing 50-60 years of age. Remember, the clones aged twice as fast as everyone else. It’s already been hinted that we may see some of the clones from The Clone Wars appear on Rebels as Stormtrooper trainers, and they have already done one episode that focused entirely on the Empire recruiting children to become Stormtroopers. They are not clones.

      Some people who wish to be ignorant of that fact use the excuse that not everyone watches the “cartoons”. Just because someone doesn’t watch something, it doesn’t mean it isn’t canon. But for those people, there is an example of the Stormtroopers not being clones in the Original Trilogy as well”

      • Prophet says:

        oooh nice find.

        However this is nothing new especially for Hollywood thinking back to Bruce Lee having to cover himself up in his first film.

        god forbid we have non whites instead of aliens, reptiles or prawns :D

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