Apparently Gamersgate colour’s is a rape joke…

It is really sad to see how anti-gamergate people are trying so hard to make this entire issue about anything other than journalism ethics that it actually just defies belief…And I am sad to say the list of websites I now follow and read on a daily basis is getting shorter and shorter. First it was Marry Sue followed by Kotaku and then Gawker Media network. And now Boing Boing with this utterly deplorable badly written click bait article claiming that the character Vivian James, created by 4Chan and The Fine Young Capitalists is in actual fact a rape joke. This has to be the most trumped up charges to have ever come from the Social Justice Warrior camp.

theyrejusthopelessIf you think that the character Vivian James was born out of a Piccolo Dick 4Chan meme of 4 years ago, then you need to stop using the internet. And if you think that the colour scheme of purple, green, and blue eludes too this inside joke created by 4Chan then I really feel bad for you. Objectively speaking the colours Purple, Green and Blue is what we call analogous colour. Basically colours that complement each other and creates a sort of harmony between them. This entire debate has turned into a shit throwing contest with both sides up to their necks in shit, no one is going to win this debate anymore. And we as gamers are going to walk away as the losers in all of this…


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