The controversy surrounding “Hatred” videogame

My issue with “hatred” after seeing the rather terrible trailer is the sort of people that the game will attract. I am not saying this game will create murderers or psychopaths but there are a lot of unhinged people out there in the world who can get incredibly obsessive, especially if they find something they can relate to. Be it games, movies or music. Developers have all the right in the world to create whatever games they wish, but I believe it also comes with the responsibility of not representing it as something that could or should be done. I feel that the developers of Hatred has a complete disregard for this and if somebody ends up copying this game or god forbids find inspiration from it, they should be held accountable. And before people start flaming me. I am well aware that video games do no in fact cause violence.

FacebookpostHowever violent people are drawn to violent imagery in the media that is pretty much proven fact. Having said that, violence like language and sexual situations can serve as a catalyst to help further a videogames story. But it’s games like “Hatred” that when they come out they cause us to take a look at where we are as a society. Violence can add to the entertainment value and create tension, suspense and level of emotion in a videogame or film. But is violence with no motive or context really entertainment? It says a lot about our society if videogames like these are now labelled entertainment. Having said that. Fuck this game and its developers. I am never going to play it, and I want nothing else to do with it as a gamer, as it does not represent what I enjoy playing and what I find entertaining.

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