Fallout Machinima “The Pitt”


“Some 20 years before the events of Fallout 3, Owyn Lyons led the Brotherhood of Steel’s expedition to Washington, D.C. through The Pitt. In one night, the Brotherhood swept through and destroyed the original raider force occupying the town and rid the surrounding area of other “scum,” killing anything that puts up a fight. As they cut through the raiders, the Brotherhood also saved several young children, all the rescued children were brought into the Brotherhood of Steel as initiates.”

Even if you’ve played through “The Pitt” Fallout DLC, this is still definitely worth a watch considering just how well done it is. Seriously though if I did not know this was a Machinima I would think this was something officially released by Bethesda. Fallout 3 had some excellent DLC with the exception of Mothership Zeta, but I still enjoyed it for its unusual and funny B movie feel.

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