Remember Spider-Butt-Gate?

How can you forget? I ranted about it here, here and here, and I was pretty much over the entire issue till I spotted this today from a cosplayer named Ivy on Facebook what do you guys think?

Spider-Butt“The artists’ anatomy is off” and “No human could possibly pose like this” and then bam! Real life person poses exactly like the now infamous Spider-Woman art by Milo Manara. Can I say it can I pretty please say it? Social Justice Warriors! I love what she did with the cosplay. She went to the trouble to recreate the entire pose. Which is far better than the computer generated one that was floating around until recently created by the SJW brigade, to try and falsely prove their rather misguided attempts at making a mountain of a mole hill.

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2 Responses to Remember Spider-Butt-Gate?

  1. Alex says:

    But she isn’t posed exactly like the drawing. In the photo, her back is much, much less arched than the drawing, her body is less unnaturally elongated, and her butt isn’t shaped like a heart and poking up unnaturally into the air.(Look at how unnaturally deep the drawing’s butt crack is compared the the photo! Look at how deep the drawing’s lower-back dimples are compared the photo!) In the photo, her thighs aren’t spread as wide – in the drawing, Spider-Woman’s thigh is so far to the side that we can see its entire width and part of her boot, but in the photo the woman’s head obscures almost half the thickness of her thigh. Look at the folds of skin in the photo – a fold at the waist where there is none in the drawing, and a fold much lower down the thigh between butt and thigh. This photo highlights the anatomically-incorrect details in the drawing. People weren’t pissed off about the general idea of a crouching pose; they were pissed off about all these smaller details that, when put together in one drawing, made it seem ridiculous.

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