Assassin’s Creed Unity not 1080p? Let’s fucken rage!

I remember when enjoying games wasn’t about resolution and fps, it is like people write games off completely if there not a certain frame rate or resolution. It is just a number people…Seriously I could not give a flying fuck about a game running 1080p at 60fps on my console, 900p at 30fps is plenty for me. What I really care about is good game play mechanics and amazing story, a story that hooks you and keeps you begging for more till the very end. That is why I fell in love with the franchise. Graphical fidelity should never be the argument for or against consoles.

aBKz3bP_700b_v1Online community, reliability, and content are what determine which console you choose. How about we all get pissed off when we see and play the final product?  Instead of being armchair developers? I myself am highly looking forward to this game but refuse to assume that’s it’s going to look shit, just because it’s 900p. But that would require some form of sound reasoning, and let’s take a second to consider the people we’re talking about here. Take away their food… no reaction. Take away their jobs… no reaction. Take away their home… no reaction. Take away 1080p resolution…RAGE!

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