Intel pulls ads from Gamasutra over ‘GamerGate’

320803656_cf1d442dd5_o.0.0_cinema_960.0Seems Intel has recently become the topic of controversy when it decided to pull its advertisement campaign on a popular game development orientated website Gamasutra. The decision to remove the ads from Gamasutra was largely influenced by the GamerGate movement’s daily e-mail boycotts that was sent to Intel over a rather badly written article declaring that gaming and gamers are “over”. Which only served to add fuel to the already out of control debate about female representation in gaming. And now the “Social Justice Warriors” have decided to paint Intel as a company that supports misogyny…


But wait? Isn’t Intel being run by a woman? Who coincidently is listed as the 37th most powerful woman in the world according to forbes? This seems to be a knee-jerk reaction to the assumption that the author of the article is being attacked. When in fact Intel most likely removed their advertisements from Gamasutra because the article basically paints all gamers with the basement dwelling, socially awkward, unwashed nerd’s brush that anyone who sees themselves as a gamer can and would find offensives. Not to mention it insults the user base that Intel panders to.


Ironically this only serves to alienate the company even farther from the “Social Justice” crowd. Even more ironic is these people are actually taking part in the behaviour they find so abominable. If anyone really thinks that protesting against Intel by not buying their product are seriously kidding themselves. They are in the upper echelons of the PC industry for a reason. If you are upset and are touting that you’re not going to be supporting Intel, which is your prerogative. But don’t be surprised when nothing comes of this misguided attempt at social justice.


I cannot comprehend how anyone, can on one hand be against harassment, bias and stereotypes, and at the same time categorize everyone who is on the other side of the argument by the actions of a few ass holes, and then publicly paint everyone with the same paint brush. There’s disgusting behaviour on both sides. Both sides are self righteous and do disgusting things. The issue is, one side is aligned with the media, and they can spread whatever hyperbole they want and the rest of the media do nothing but copy and paste it without doing their own research and then forming their own opinion.

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