Games genres you used to dislike but enjoy now

game_hitman_absolution_agent_47_bioFor me as a gamer I really disliked stealth games, but as a matured as a gamer the stealth genre started to grow on me. I enjoy getting stealth kills a lot more now, instead of going full on balls to the walls with guns blazing. Now I feel much more satisfied having made progress in a stealthy manner, it really does feel more like an achievement having entered an area removed all of the hostile threats and then moving on without making so much as a noise.  In fact, it has made me go out and buy Hitman: Absolution which I am really enjoying at the moment. Having said that I still don’t enjoying racing or sports games, try as I might I have never been able to get into the genre. But that might also change in the near future…

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  1. I pretty much enjoy something from every genera, except for Sports and Racing. I used to love them, then fell out of it. I use to hate any RTS, but I find I really enjoy them now.

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