So I finished Dead Space 3 yesterday


So I finished Dead Space 3 yesterday, and I must say as a fan of the franchise I enjoyed this one just as much as I enjoyed the previous entries in the franchise, and I cannot understand for the life of me why it received so much hate from the fans of the franchise. So what if it is not as focused on the “survival horror” theme as the other two games,  it still and incredible game with a great story. The atmosphere is mildly tense, with a few crap in your pants scenes which has become a signature of the series, and it has some excellent replay value. Overall a very good third entry into the franchise, and if you haven’t played it I can highly recommend it.

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  1. Being a huge fan of horror games, I’m highly disappointed in myself, when it comes to Dead Space. I never have been able to get into the series at all. I know it’s good though.

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