Apparently we are not done with Spider-Woman’s butt

You know what I am sick and tired of the social justice warriors creeping into all of my favourite pastimes and hobbies like some sort of disease. I have no issues with people criticising or critiquing what I love and then sitting down to discuss it. But what I do take issue with is when you take something and, openly and blatantly twist and change the facts in such a way to fit your own agenda and then cherry picking the facts so it suits your argument. At that point in the discussion I will start fucken ignoring your knee jerk reaction each time you decide to make a big issue of something that really does not need to be made an issue of. So this new image has been floating around on a few news sites in an attempt to “prove a point”:


This 3D render is nothing like the drawing. The render is a blatantly dishonest representation to try and skew the proportions as much as possible, while presenting it as similar to the original cover art.

880364604695496773Carlo Pagulayan already showed in his own 3D render above. It might be an uncomfortable poses if you were to attempt it in real life, but that it is in no way anatomically incorrect or badly drawn for that matter as so many people have been claiming.


Eurocomics USA Invasion’s Facebook page, reached out to Manara regarding the outrage surrounding his sketch. He replied with a different piece of art depicting it from a different angle. Personally I would not have gone as far as to humour the social justice warriors, because they would definitely not have done the same for him. But I guess you can take any excuse to feel aggrieved and run with it. This overly politically correct bullshit has got to stop somewhere because I am over it and I am over Spider-Woman’s ass.

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  2. A.R.Wolf says:

    I’m totally with you on this man. I don’t even read the comic, didn’t even know there was such a character as Spider-Woman, until this showed up. And to be perfectly honest, when I saw the picture for the first time, I saw absolutely nothing wrong with it. I didn’t see any of the contortion that some people are trying to show, and I didn’t see any of the ‘social wrongness’ that even more people tried to point out. I think it’s just a bunch of media hype that is totally out of line.

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