Seriously Kalahari?!


Seriously Kalahari?! What were you thinking?! I cannot understand what went through your marketing departments mind when you decided to use the above add for your gaming section. I am really disappointed that a big online retailer like Kalahari decided that they had to join into the circlejerk that is the platform wars. Calling console gamers peasants is a good way to alienate your client base and future customers from buying from your online store.

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[Edit] Seems while writing this someone at Kalahari grew a brain and edited out the Console Peasants and Glorious PC Master Race from the banner ad. Which they obviously took straight from Yahtzee’s website who coined the phrase in the first place.

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3 Responses to Seriously Kalahari?!

  1. adam3k3 says:

    Trust me, 90% of console gamers will never switch to pc so no need to worry about future customers.

  2. Moo says:

    strait is supposed to be straight, btw.

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