Which video games gives you the best return on investment

“Personal preference obviously comes into play, but is there any sort of guide as to what games are worth the money and the time to invest in? We set on a quest to discover the true value of video games. We explored a few dimensions: comparing original games to downloadable content (DLC), comparing the best games of all-time, comparing the best new games, and comparing the best DLC.We analyzed over 300 video games and DLC, using HowLongToBeat for game length and rating. Various sites like IGN, Metacritic, GameStop, and individual game wikis were also used during our research. We calculated the average time to beat all games and used that value for games with an unlimited amount of gameplay.”

IG-ComparisonObviously this chart needs to be taken with a grain of salt as not everyone enjoys the same type of genres in gaming, and neither would they spend the same amount of time on a certain game. There are some games you might invest a massive amount of hours in while never completing the main quests, like Skyrim and Fallout for example. And then there are short games like Wolfenstein: The New Order you may complete a couple of times and still put a lot of hours into it.

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