Odd Thomas: The Movie [Reviewed]

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I will start with off this spoiler free review with the recommendation: “Watch this movie adaptation now!” Odd Thomas was a solid movie adaptation of the popular Dean Koontz books, and was really enjoyable to watch. I am a massive fan of the Odd Thomas series of books , as with any novel that has been turned into a movie there was much of the finer details left out but also some nice touches added in. The casting choice of Odd was very well thought out; Yelchin did a great job of capturing the strong and naive nature of Odd in the books. I was pretty sceptical about Timlin as Stormy, but she not only pulled it off but perfectly captured Stormy’s personality and mannerisms.

I think Stephen Sommers did a great job on the movie screenplay. Not to mention, he also directed and produced it. I actually was not expecting the last plot twist during the final part of the movie which caught me totally off guard which does not happen often. All the elements that Sommers added during the movie came together perfectly at the end of the movie. Fans of the series of books will most likely ask: “Hey, where’s Elvis”? Well he is a cardboard cut-out in Odd’s room. And to be honest I did not really miss him at all in the movie, Odd’s abilities get explained to us the viewer perfectly without the help of Elvis. They also did a great job of bringing the town of Pico Mundo to life, and perfectly mirror how it is described in the books.

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There are really only two issues I had with the movie. Firstly: I wish that they done it as an eight hour miniseries. Then they would have had enough time to capture every single nuance and part of the book. Secondly I am very disappointed that the DVD has yet to see an American release, and that fans of the series won’t get to see this brilliant adaptation. If you get the chance to purchase the DVD vote with your wallet, this will increase the probability of “Odd Thomas” sequels being produced in the near future. As for the end of the movies I recommend that you get your tissues ready, because it is a real tear jerker of an ending.

Odd 002If you want to find out what the man who wrote the books had to say about the movie adaptation you can view his review on his website here. And it is a definite thumbs up from Dean Koontz himself. And if you are wondering why this movie got a strait to DVD/Blu-ray/Instant video release, it is due to a lawsuit between the producers and the distributors. If you want to find out when you can expect and buy the DVD/Blu-ray you can visit the Unofficial Facebook page.

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  1. Jason Hall says:

    It is definitely a tearjerker. Definitely worth the watch.

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