The Moment Sony Won E3 2013

This is most likely the best 2 minutes of the entire E3 2013 conference and it almost brings a tear to my eye. I am not going to go into the whole Sony Versus Microsoft debate, because the whole internet is flooded with it at the moment. Rather as a long time (ex) Xbox fanboy, it is so beautiful to see that Sony knows what we as gamers want. And they are trying to preserve the way we play our games. Microsoft are so money hungry and arrogant that they are blind too the way that they are alienating their current and future fanbase. And being such a big (ex) supporter of Microsoft it really does feel like I have been cheated on by a girlfriend, or stabbed in the back by a close friend…

As the above video summed up the entirety of E3 2013, the image below pretty much sums up the aftermath of what happened at E3 with Microsoft and the step backwards that is the Xbox One. Not to mention that the internet is now being flooded with Xbox One memes, I see a very troubled Microsoft when the battle of the next generation consoles start.


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