Marilyn Manson on Larry King

I really admire Marilyn Manson as an artist. Many people misunderstand the guy as just some shock jock who likes to shock people with his music videos and lyrics. But behind all of the show and pomp there is someone intelligent and charming, I always did enjoy listening to the intellectual conversation when interviewed by the media. And who better to have such conversations with him than Larry King.

It would have been an even greater interview if Larry King would have let him finish some of his answers before going on with the interview. During the interview Larry King asked Manson to bestow upon him his very own stage name, which led to Manson dubbing the host, Salvador Dolly Parton. You can check out part 1 of the Marilyn Manson’s interview with Larry King in the video above and part 2 here and part 3 here. Definitely Gold … or rather should I say: Absolute gold!

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