Mind Blown!

So yesterday evening I was busy watching the Animated/CG movie Iron Man: Rise of Technovore, not the greatest but if you want your Iron Man fix till the third movie is released, but it fills the gap nicely till then. So about halfway through the movie The Punisher makes his appearance, and as he opens his mouth to speak is first words I go: “Hey this voice sounds familiar but I just cant place it anywhere…” So when the credits start rolling I see this pop-up:

CreditsYes this guy…


Who plays Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead, a crossbow wielding zombie killing red-neck bad-ass…


Also does the voice acting for The Punisher in the Animated/CG movie. He is playing two bad-asses at the same time you cannot get any more epic than that can you?

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2 Responses to Mind Blown!

  1. Chris says:

    Yea the Punisher make an appearance, but I was expecting better animation from Madhouse. Also maybe because I just watched Summer Wars before it.

    • larch says:

      Yeah the animation was pretty terrible, but at least the story was above average, haven’t watched any real anime in a very long time all these ecchi shows are putting me off.

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