Dark Souls chewed me up and spat me out [Update]


Earlier this week I spoke about how Dark Souls tea bagged me and left my rotting corpse for the crows to feed on. Well I am happy to report that after giving it another shot I actually managed to make some progress in the game. I still died a lot, lost count at around 20 or so times the last session I played. This comic by the Escapist Magazine sums it up perfectly:

72573But you know what? The game has actually started growing on me in a weird sort of way, if you view dying as part of the “mechanic” of the game, then it wont induce fits of rage quitting when you start dying all over the place. If you have masochistic tendencies and love punishing yourself in cruel and unusual  ways then I would highly recommend this game.


And here is what my ruggedly handsome character looks like in the game, I should have called myself “Sir Dies A Lot” because no amount of armour can protects you from some of the horrors in the game.


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