Coke Zero: Making “better” gamers out of us

It is really hard to even say what the point of this new Coke Zero ad is. It makes it look like guys (people) who play video games are insensitive ass holes who forget to do basic human things like pick up their wife’s parents from the airport. It is just perpetuates a socially ill-functioning loser stereotype for gamers. If you are someone like me who plays a lot of video games, you should be offended by this retarded ad.

Because this fits right into the overused trope of video gamers can’t be functional in society, and that horse is dead and beaten. I am just really tired of other people who aren’t gamers telling us who and what we should be, it doesn’t represent me and never did. I am allowed to have the things I love without being told that I am somehow lesser for it. This ad isn’t nearly as bad as most representations of our community in mainstream media, but that still doesn’t make it just okay. Or maybe I am just overreacting what do you think?

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