Why Fans Get Annoyed With DLC


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This is a simple, yet effective, infographic showing the difference between DLC from couple of years back versus now. It’s pretty funny, and it points out the truth on how gamers receive DLC. DLC has changed, and it seems to have become a prerequisite for a full game. In general, DLC is a great way to expand on a game’s existing universe and give you more value for money. As gamers we tend to spend a lot on games, and everyone who is a gamer knows that this hobby is definitely not cheap. The problem I have with DLC is the stunt that EA and BioWare pulled with their Day 1 package for Mass Effect 3. In an interview with BioWare, the developers stated that they had extra time after completing Mass Effect 3, and with this they decided to work on the DLC called “From Ashes”. They then released the “From Ashes” DLC” on the very same day as the game.

Problem Shepard?

Problem Shepard?

This fact proceeded to piss people off, because in the game code for Mass Effect 3 it was found that content was removed so that it could be sold separately as DLC. According to BioWare, the missing code was for a character model only, and the rest of the DLC still had to be downloaded. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against Day 1 DLC, however I am against what the DLC was actually for. Mass Effect 3′s Day 1 DLC contained an extra character, namely the Prothean. Alongside the Prothean came all the missions which were based around him. The DLC character is linked to the dominant civilization which Mass Effect’s story is basically built on. To me, it seems to be a pretty vital part of the Mass Effect universe.

The Protheans are so relevant to the story that it boggles the mind that you need to pay extra for something so important. Unless it was a way to get you to buy the Collector’s Edition, as it came with this pack. If the DLC was some unimportant character, or new armour and guns, fans would have been fine with it. But it wasn’t  instead, a living breathing Prothean was missing. That is a definite slap in the face to all fans of the franchise. To end off, here’s a pretty smart and awesome song written by Dan Bull about the whole DLC debacle.

[Editorial Note:] This was a article I originally wrote for eGamer.

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