Let’s talk about Anita Sarkeesian

I haven’t actually insulted or spoken out against Anita Sarkeesian. But I really do feel a lot of her arguments are incorrect and misplaced. I watched a really good video (below) about what exactly is wrong with Anita’s video and the way she puts forward her argument. There are some very important facts given by Anita in her video that are ignored or twisted in Anita’s film. Instead of spending a whole blog post about it and saying what already has been stated I just really recommend watching this if you’re interested in the topic. A lot of people are perhaps reacting out of anger, but there is some merit to what they’re saying, but having said that does it warrant the vile anger and hatred aimed at Anita even if she is wrong?

Video games as a medium suffer from the same bullying that you find on the internet, writing, painting, music, film, etc also has their fair share of bullies. I think the bullying always existed in some form or manner, but it was easy to ignore the assholes, and the media smear campaigns weren’t able to spread as wide but with the advent of the internet you cannot shut these jerks up. And they can attack people online in countless ways and stay anonymous for the most part. It is no surprise though that there a whole lot of misogynistic gamers out there. Play any online game, and you’ll suddenly meet some of the worst scum to have ever crawled out from under a rock.

Tropes Vs Woman

I used to play online games a hell of a lot, then I realised I ended up getting depressed by the antics of the other players, and stopped playing so much online. The objectification of women the homophobia (especially) and need to shock everyone with crass humour that really isn’t funny. Recently at the DICE summit David Cage (Quantic Dreams) called on the industry to “grow up.” It might not be in the same context as what I am using for now, but I really do think it is time for these people change their attitude/approach and grow up. The industry is filled with assholes and children. Sadly, those of us who are neither, are still often defined by them and that needs to change before gamers and gaming can be taken seriously by other people.

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