In defence of the rebooted Lara Croft


Writers cannot write good female videogame characters any more  It’s always ‘Strong Female Character’ which in its own way creates a stereotype, rather than writing a strong character, who happens to be female. But the people at Crystal Dynamics managed to write a female lead character who acts and thinks like a real woman something that 99.99% of game developers cannot seem to get right. Lara might seem like a two dimensional character in this reboot, but at least she seems like an actual woman who is a bit fragile at the beginning of the game but determined to find her own way and do the right thing.

Rather than a man with tits, or that weird “sultry heroin” that so many game developers put in into their games. I find it hilarious that people actually think male video game characters with all of their bravado and testosterone is in any way equivalent to real men. Yet people complain and say it seems too far-fetched when a story is written about a female character that starts out weak but as she progresses she become more confident in her skills and abilities. I definitely think we need more lead female characters like Lara Croft, it a refreshing change from the stereotypes we have been getting in the past.

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