Tomb Raider First Impressions

Played about 4 hours of the new Tomb Raider so far. And I must say having played most of the games in the franchise this game is the one that will define the Tomb Raider franchise for years to come. It is also the best game in the franchise yet, which I am thoroughly enjoying at the moment. I am really happy that Crystal Dynamics decided to reboot the series and the character of Lara Croft. I was pretty sceptical about this game when I first heard about it, but after spending a few hours with it I will gladly eat some humble pie.

Shipwrecked and Marooned on a Island.

Shipwrecked and Marooned on a Island.

The Good:

  • It really does feel like you are marooned on an Island were everyone is insane except you. And the star of the game is the Island. You really do get that Lost TV series”vibe” from the island and its surroundings.
  • The atmosphere is amazing; it’s dark and depressing with Lara fighting for survival around every corner. Even the lighter parts of the game aren’t that uplifting, and does nothing to clear up the somber mood.
  • The gameplay is tight and responsive, the cover system itself is easy to understand and uses, eliminating the chunkiness of taking cover manually each time. Climbing and jumping has been improved and is very natural, making exploring the island a joy.
  • The puzzle element is not as strong in this game as in some of the others, people might view this as a negative but I enjoy these puzzles. No more breaking the pace of the game when getting stuck at a puzzle for hours that you cannot figure out.
Anybody got a light fore me?

Anybody got a light fore me?

The Bad:

  • While the character of Lara is done brilliantly the “background” characters are a little sketchy and very forgettable, with the exclusion of Roth.
  • The transformation from the archaeologist Lara into the survivor and killer Lara is a bit jarring; the first guy she kills makes her gag and vomit. The very next moment she goes Rambo on all of the bad guys without twitching an eye.
  • The Multiplayer is terrible, why even tack this on when they could have improved the single player game with the resources they wasted on it. Stick to the single player campaign, that’s where the meat of the game is.
  • The story is engaging and entertaining, but at times it becomes very predictable.
So tired.

So tired.

On a side note this game is terribly brutal, when you screw up you tend to die in the most horrific way possible. And during the first hour of the game there is about a dozen “holy shit that must have hurt like a son of a bitch” moments in the game. The game scores a definite 8.5 out of 10 for now. I will change my  score for better or for worse when I have completed the game.

[Edit] Credit goes to Strifehart for the screenshots.

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